Air source and water cooled chillers designed for comfort and process cooling applications

The key challenges for commercial buildings over the next twenty years are energy efficiency and carbon reduction. The Committee on Climate Change is focused on a 50% reduction in carbon emissions from 1990 levels by 2025.

This goal is the common driver behind much of the current legislation and initiatives established by government which are now impacting on the built environment.
These include:

  • Part L of the Building Regulations
  • The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards
R32 e-series

As a result of these factors, building designers, managers and owners must still comply with legislation while balancing the requirement to provide comfortable, productive environments for occupants.

It is also widely accepted that building services use the bulk of energy in most non-domestic buildings – around 80% according to bodies such as the Carbon Trust – with cooling regarded as one of the most energy–hungry factors.

Fortunately, a number of technologies are available for air conditioning a building, and one of the longest established of these available are chillers. Mitsubishi Electric provide both air source and water cooled chillers across two distinct ranges – please use the tabs above to navigate between our products.

e-series Range

The new R32 version of the popular e-series modular chillers are available in 150kW and 180kW units. The e-series allows up to six units to be connected together to provide a total system capacity of up to 1080kW. The new modular chiller is available in both cooling only and heat pump variations and comes with a five-year warranty.

Using R32 refrigerant provides a with lower Global Warming Potential solution. The improved heat exchange coils and aluminium micro channel in the cooling only version provide an overall reduced volume of refrigerant used in the chiller, helping to increase its energy efficiency.

e-series diagram

  • High efficiency

    The e-series modular chiller range uses highly efficient scroll compressor technology from our City Multi VRF units, along with advanced inverters and controls to deliver exceptional efficiency and wide operating range.

  • e-series unit

    Unique modular approach

    Up to six individual modules can be connected together to provide a system capacity from 150kW to 1,080kW. Using this modular approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.

  • Reduced plant space

    Each module can be positioned in a row or bank of up to six connected units using the same internal header, reducing the plant space requirement and making installation easier.

Exceptional features:

With the e-series modular chiller range, we have examined every single component to find ways of increasing performance, reliability and overall system efficiency. The products bring all of this advanced technology and know-how together in a unique package to aid design, specification, installation and on-going operation.

Four advanced DC inverter-driven scroll compressors, optimised for R32, give a capacity range of 8% to 100% for each module.

Both comressors (or pair of compressors) serve separate plate heat exchangers located in the centre of the unit. By modulating the evaporating temperature individually, overall system efficiency can increase by an additional 4%, compared to single evaporating refrigeration cycles.

Each refrigerant circuit in a module has separately controlled, inverter-driven DC fans, allowing for more precise control to save energy and optimise system efficiency.

Access for the control box and other service parts is located at the front of the unit to ease service and maintenance regimes.

The use of U and Y shaped heat exchangers allows for a greater surface area whilst also keeping the e-series units much narrower than conventional chillers. Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating on the heat exchanger is also provided as standard on the 90kW module.

The e-series fan blades have improved ventilation characteristics and a newly designed rear edge that suppresses wind turbulence to increase efficiency and reduce noise levels.

The in-built internal header pipes simplify design, installation and maintenance and makes the e-series range modular and suitable for almost any situation.

A dedicated digital indicator inside the PCB displays high pressure, low pressure, water inlet temperature, water outlet temperature, error codes etc., thereby aiding service and maintenance.

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Chiller systems have been used for decades to deliver controlled cooling to buildings, but with increasing pressure on energy efficiency and running costs, we now need a low–carbon, cost effective option.

Introducing our Traditional Range – a new generation of water chiller designed for comfort and process cooling applications that is fully customisable and suitable for a wide range of applications. Modern multi–function buildings, shopping centres, large business centres and process cooling are just some of the examples where increased comfort and precision control are required. Our traditional range can easily deliver this and be readily integrated in the most complex building systems.

Watch the video “Mitsubishi Electric Traditional
Chiller Range”

  • eurovent certified performance

    Flexible application options

    Our traditional range can be easily integrated into ever increasingly complex building systems and is perfect for all comfort and process cooling solutions.

  • NX range outdoor unit

    Compliance with the strictest European standards

    Many of our units are certified by the Eurovent programme, ensuring some of the highest efficiencies in the market.

  • Living space

    Scalable and fully customisable

    Our traditional range offers a variety of efficiency and noise configurations, alongside both standard and optional features.

Exceptional features:

With the traditional chiller range, we have examined every single component to find ways of increasing performance, reliability and overall system efficiency. Advanced technology with the added ability to customise the chiller to a particular application helps to aid design, specification, installation and on-going operation.

Our traditional range uses microchannel aluminium condenser coils on all
V-shaped structured units. This means less refrigerant is needed compared to traditional copper coils, ensuring the lowest possible ratio between refrigerant volume and cooling capacity delivered.

Designed to keep on-site installation time, work and costs to a minimum whilst optimising installation space, the integrated hydronic module incorporates all the hydraulic components

Open angled V-shaped coils achieve the maximum efficiency at all conditions. The specific design of the condensing modules allows a reduction in both unit footprint as well as clearances, thus facilitating service and maintenance procedures.

By controlling the fan speed according to the condensing pressure, evaporator water temperature and outdoor ambient temperature, the total efficiency of the unit is increased.

For peace of mind during installation/commissioning and running of the system, a phase sequence relay is included with all units to ensure complete protection of the compressor should the electrical line phases not match those required.

Auxiliary contacts provide a voltage free signal that is triggered by the activation of the compressors. This can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from a simple remote signalling of the compressors activation, to remote control of any auxiliary loads.

Multi–circuit shell and tube heat exchangers designed and built by Climaveneta are available alongside plate heat exchangers. Due to the low pressure drops involved, shell and tube heat exchangers are ideal for particularly hard water or industrial process applications.

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